Oino Gustus

He must nevertheless present that blocky frame and softness of build, accompanied by short, straight legs, wide back and loin, well-sprung ribs, fullness of shoulders and in flanks, prominent brisket, full neck vein, wide chest, and well-rounded barrel, together with a good, soft, mellow-handling skin, and fine, silky hair, giving what is termed the thick, mossy coat, without coarseness, and with it all a good, strong, vigorous head, clear, full eye and quiet temperament.

- Prof Curtis 1898

The Origin

Oino Gustus is taken from the Celtic origin of the name Angus meaning

“One Choice”

The Progresson

Sourced from a  single unique herd, a herd that for 25 cattle generations has been selected for excellence.

Selection for fineness of texture, selection for mouth-watering silkiness, optimal marbling, muscle shape and size, in every pairing of dam and sire throughout the decades. We’ve combined these qualities with an easy doing disposition that allow this herd to tread lightly on the land.

From this single herd only the finest offspring are chosen for the Oino Gustus range. They are chosen utilising an age old method. Each animal passing under the discerning eye of experienced cattle men and women.

The Range

Abundant marbling of the finest fleck interspersed through a grain so fine it is silken to the touch. A rich, succulent, cherry red, Oino Gustus is bold in flavour yet delicate to the palate.

Handcrafted, on farm, to bring out the unique characteristics of each and every cut, Oino Gustus brings excellence to every plate.

Full bodied flavour meets exquisite texture
The ultimate choice
Oino Gustus – One choice, A fine choice.

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